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Design Studio

World Class Designer

Dobsons design and management team collaborate exclusively with one of Australia’s most exclusive designers, Kit Willow. Renowned for her relentless passion effortless versatility with her vast portfolio covering the realms of women’s high fashion, women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, corporate and school uniforms.

Kit remains at the forefront of Australian fashion design featuring in global fashion. Kit strives to be a pioneer in design-led, sustainable and ethical fashion and is a designer of college and school uniforms nationally and prides herself on ensuring students are dressed to epitomise and uphold a school’s distinct style through smart, yet practical fashion with a conscience.

We’re delighted to be working with Kit Willow to deliver thoughtful, eco conscious uniforms, Australia wide.

  • “Dobsons designs were carefully considered, taking into account the particular backgrounds of our students and the types of designs and materials that they would find comfortable.”


Our design studio will create and activate full uniform designs for any organisation.  Whether you are updating an individual item or redesigning your entire suite of uniform our design team can collaborate with you.  You will receive independent tailored advice to ensure the right fabrics are selected and built for their intended use.

Starting with a school crest or fabric colour swatch our processes are state of the art and will deliver a contemporary update for your school brand.

“They clearly understood the very important role that a uniform plays in shaping the public image and perception of a school.”

Specialised Fabrics

Eco-Uniforms™, Performance Fabrics, Softness, Stretch, Waterproof, UPF 50+, and more…

With a vast range of fabrics our team will provide a multitude of options that suit your needs.